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Faculty Development Programme (FDP) – 9th & 10th December 2011

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was held on 9th & 10th December 2011 in the college campus.

Day 1 started with Prayer. Prof. V. Raman, Head, Dept. of Media Studies, welcomed the gathering. Dr. R. Srinivasan, Principal, inaugurated the Programme. The first session was handled by Dr. S. Shanmugam, Principal Designate. He spoke on the topic “Investment Avenues”. He said that the best avenue for one’s investment could be education; the other avenues could be Fixed Deposit, Mutual Funds, Insurance and the Stock Market.  Mr. C. Ranjithkumar, Head Dept. of IT, CS & NW, spoke on “Software – An Evolutionary Approach”. He elaborated on the evolution of softwares and hardwares throughout the generations. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Head, Dept. of Animation, gave an interesting lecture on “How to Animate”. He explained and demonstrated the various factors that go into the process of Animation. The post-lunch session on “Communication Skills” was presented by Ms. Malar, Dept. of English. She discussed in detail, the various components that go into communication skills. She concluded saying that excellent communication skills would always help one in making a successful teacher.

Day II began with Dr. S. Sriram’s session on “Time Management”. He spoke on the importance of managing Time; he said that those who manage their time efficiently would eventually become successful in their personal life and their career as well.

Mr. Packirisamy, Regional Officer, Film Censor Board, Tamilnadu, discussed the various measures that the Board adopts, in order to restrict the use of destructive elements in movies, such as violence and sex.

The first half of the Afternoon session was handled by Dr. Rathinakumar, Professor, Madura College; he spoke on “Film Appreciation”. He said how Tamil movies give more importance to dialogues and miss out significant emotions. He explained a few important concepts by screening 2-3 short films of other languages. Prof. V. Raman spoke on “Technology behind Film and Television”. The programme came to a close with the Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Amutha, Head, Dept. of Commerce, followed by National Anthem.

The two-day programme proved to be of real use to all teaching faculty, in many aspects. They had the opportunity to gain knowledge in various fields other than their own, thanks to the efforts of the Management.

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